Camping Tours

The ultimate camping experience! Join us on an adventure of a lifetime. From wild camping on deserted islands, Scottish mountains, or even just visiting camp sites across the UK. Let us know the areas you want to explore and we will create the perfect camping package for you!

Belnahua island wild camping

The most epic experience for the adventure seekers! Normally run over a  weekend friday-sunday, with two nights stay on Belnahua  Island (Pictured left and above). Fly by helicopter up to Oban where you will be able to explore the town and have lunch. You will then board a speed boat wildlife tour on route to Belnahua Island just off the west coast of Luing, where the helicopter and our team will be waiting and setting up camp. On the Island we will be running paddle board sessions, fishing, cooking by fire and exploring the deserted slate mine island.  On sunday you will be collected by boat and taken back to Oban where our helicopter will fly you back home or back to our base in Herefordshire depending on what you have arranged.